Olavo de Carvalho in English

Translation  Fabio L. Leite

“Can a person who never heard of Christianity believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ? I think so. If amidst confusion she feels that God created humankind out of love and that He is willing to suffer to save us, she already believes without knowing it.”


“Genuine heroes are made from inside, in the struggle of the soul for the truth of existence. Before shining in amazing actions, they have to defeat the inner lie, and pay, with extreme moral solitude, the price to achieve sincerity”.


“Nothing reveals more clearly the vulgarity of a mind than the interest for eastern mysticism accompanied by a self-satisfied ignorance of Christianity. Unfortunately, this is endemic among college intellectuals in the US.

Even more vulgar is the interest for “Christian mysticism” without a proportional interest for the real action of God in the world. In that case, under the guise of originality and erudition, allienation reaches the point of dementia.”


“The most universal and omnipresent trait of modern philosophy is the confusion between the order of being and the order of knowing.

To define an object by the means through wich we know it is like defining an elephant by the properties of the lens we use to take its picture. The final scheme may even look like the animal, but it will always lack the material presence of the elephant. In modernity, all tigers are made of paper until the day they eat the philosopher.

This mistake is endemic. It is present in Descartes, Spinoza, Kant, Fichte, Hegel and all their heirs.

In modern times, only Vico, Leibniz and Schelling escaped from that trap.”


There are no more world political forces that a Christian conscience can look for protection. (Not the progressive West, not Russia, and certainly not anti-modernist Islam)*.

We are alone. Our forces are spread and shattered around the world, our leadership positions are infested with traitors. But if one does not have the courage to even see the reality, how can he presume to be able to change it?

This is the first step: to acknowledge that we do not have protectors in this world. Our protection is God and God only. That’s all.




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