Political studies

Lesson number one of political studies:

PREMISE: the basic of all warfare is to do what the enemy will not imagine that you will do.

CONSEQUENCE: In military or political war, truth is almost always IMPLAUSIBLE.

COROLLARY: Any good military or political strategist will take into consideration the adversary`s criteria of plausibility to use it as a weapon against the adversary.

ADDENDUM: To the elites,the enemy to be deceived is always the people.

The impression of plausibility or implausibility, used to accept or not the news, is an infallible criteria to identify political imbecility. Anything that actually works in politics has to sound like conspiracy theories.



Contemporary language

Contemporary language define “totalitarian regimes” as opposed to “modern democracies”. Yet, none of those regimes would have existed, or lasted, with the persistent, deliberate and abundant help they received from those same democracies. The same can be said of “Islamic terrorism”, which the media and popular imagination portray as opposed to democracies, and which also depends on them to live and prosper. And although these democracies boast that they represent “Western Civilization”, it is also a fact that they were built destroying immense parts of the legacy of this civilization, conserving just minor elements that coincided with its immediate interests.


‘Radical intuitionism’

What I call ‘radical intuitionism’ can be thus summarized:

Intuition means the non-mediated perception that something is PRESENT.

A logical proposition is MADE of signs, but the IDENTITY BETWEEN TWO PROPOSITIONS is an object that is perceived by consciousness directly, not through signs, and is, therefore, the object of intuition.

Furthermore, understanding these propositions is THE SAME as understanding without mediation its apodictic truth.

Again, if the identity between two propositions is not PRESENT to consciousness WITHOUT MEDIATION, then it is simply impossible to perceive it.

Either the conection between two propositions is perceived in a single intuition, or it is never perceived at all (otherwise we would fall into and endless regression).

Therefore, the operation of reason itself is founded upon intuition or it has no founding at all.

Hence, there are not two kinds of knowledge, one rational and the other intuitive. There is only the difference between logical intuitions and sensible intuitions.

Reasoning is not, therefore, an operation specifically different from intuition, it is just the intuition of a special kind of object, which is the logical or ideal objects.

More generically, a thing may be thought indirectly through a sign, but the sign itself has to be perceived directly and not through another sign.

Cultivation of intelligence

Only the cultivation of intelligence for the nuances of language and harmony of forms, above all musical, can lead men beyond and above themselves, opening the dimension of the spirit.

Except for direct divine intervention, which is neither ordinary nor demandable, religious worship only has this capacity because of its aesthetic form, without which a rite is not a rite but a mere “cerimony”, asocial celebration (the endemic disease of contemporary evangelism).

Usual religious practice, in the modern world, has the effect of imprisoning the individual in the circle of habits, prejudices and mental quirks of his immediate social group, a kind of holy worldliness, which rewards him subjectively with the illusion of morality, which nothing but spineless conformism and necessity of social approval.

“Being in hell is to believe, by mistake, to be in heaven”. (Simone Weil)

Olavo de Carvalho

Translated by 


Interpret a work of literature correctly

Whoever cannot interpret a work of literature correctly will never understand the facts of history and society, or even their own lives. Literary culture is the most basic requirement for understanding. I can`t stand seeing people who don`t know how to read “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” interpreting the Bible.

Studying math is an extraordinary way of developing the capacity to think about what does not exist. Edmund Husserl started his life studying math. He stopped when he found out that to know what a number is is the most difficult thing in the world.
Today we have machines that can make calculations far superior than our capacities. But they have not invented a machine that can understand a sonnet by Shakespeare. There are mentally retarded people who are prodigious calculators. None of them is a prodigious “understander”. Only a perfect idiot confuses reasoning skills with comprehension skills.

That`s why I`m overtaken by murderous impulses when someone says that philosophy is `to teach how to think`.”

Olavo de Carvalho

Translated by Fabio L. Leite

Aesthetic forms

Translation: Fabio L. Leite

“It’s amazing how people do not notice the influence that aesthetic forms imposed by the industry and the media have in shaping their minds. It’s amazing how they accept EVERYTHING with dull spontaneity.

Just like cinema, literature and bodybuilding, guns design achieved aesthetic perfection in the 50s. After that came the era of caricatural exaggeration. The strong man of the 50s looked like a strong man. Today a bodybuilder looks more like a skinned animal.

Accelerated changes, in technology and everything else, produce a mental state called “informational psychosis”, whose main symptom is the abolition of discernment, the passive acceptance of any order or suggestion.

The total lack of personality, the docile and ductil adaptability is the fundamental characteristic of the good citizen today. When he rebels against a small thing, it is because he has already accepted ninety-nine others without even noticing.

I accept NOTHING from modern society before understanding very well the sacrifices that it is demanding to my sense of identity and judging if they will be harmful or not.”

Olavo de Carvalho