Global political forces

Fabio L. Leite

3 min · 

According to the Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, there are three, *and only three*, major global political forces today:

(1) The network of supranational people (mostly metacapitalists*), institutions, organizations and “unions” that not only do not depend on any one specific nation in particular, but to whom, the very existence of sovereign nations is an obstacle to their power.

(2) Russia and China as imperialistic global superpowers in the classic sense and which work more closely to each other than the common observer knows.

(3) Islam with its supreme aim of a global caliphate.

* Metacapitalists: big fortunes who achieved wealth through capitalism, but to whom the perspective of competition now bringing them down instead of up make them fear the bridge they crossed and want to burn it. They intend to become – and many have – dynastic families with a stable or ever increasing fortune being passed from generation to generation with no threat from the free market.

Notice two things: America is not there. America is country whose institutions have so occupied by globalists that they have successfully convinced many Americans that America is the problem. That also serves them to blame America for their imperialistic adventures around the world, because they do it from within American institutions. And when people around the world blame America for it, this allows them to create momentum to pass more laws to better restrain Americans, their values and their political action. Thus, the more the Globalists use America as their cannon fodder, and the more the international community attacks America for it, the stronger is their grip over American citizens, money and institutions.

The second is that no Church, not even the large Roman Catholicism has any influence on this whatsoever. One can argue that both Roman Catholicism and the more Westernized individuals and institutions of Orthodoxy are firmly instrumentalized by Globalism, others are under the influence of Moscow, and obviously, so many are still under Islam with all the problems this brings.

If there is something that members of the Church must realize, lay people and clergy, is that there is no compromise with any of these political forces. The Church is torn apart by today by the in-fight of those forces, when we should be helping each other to resist them. The problem is that we must give up the benefits they give us to do so. Give up money, prestige, spotlight, influence, real estate and overall worldly power. That takes courage, faith and hope. I pray we find all three to do it.

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