Online references in English

by Fabio L. Leite 

Some old philosophy handouts translated by Google (Portuguese to English translations have become almost entirely correct in the last years and very readable). If you feel comfortable with the automatic translations, I would recommend you browse the whole site.

Translations of his online philosophical diary on Facebook, made mostly by me:

Online videos subtitled in English on various philosophical subjects.…/UC4xsj-xJYlAbT0PXb2PVLaw/videos

Newspaper articles translated by real people. He considers most of them case studies of his philosophy applied to politics. That is why I gave the links for the philosophical works first. The study of the real life issues is founded on what is there.

A more detailed case study is Olavo’s debate with Alexander Dugin, who is Putin’s most important intellectual influence. They debated the role of the US in the world today (although “today” is the Obama era when the debate happened).

Online videos subtitled in English where several political issues of the day are discussed.

Books and authors recommended by Olavo on his talk with Stephan Molyneux above:

4:40 – Georg Lukács
6:20 – “History and Class Consciousness” – by Lukács
10:30 – “The Authoritarian Personality” – by Theodor Adorno
11:50 – Josiah Royce
12:00 – Friedrich Schelling
13:00 – “Philosophy of Revelation” and “Philosophy of Mythology” – by Schelling
13:40 – “The Philosophy of Loyalty” – by Royce
14:10 – “La Société de Confiance” – by Alain Peyrefitte
18:00 – Andrew Lobaczewski
19:20 – “Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes” – by Lobaczewski
29:10 – Antonio Gramsci
35:50 – “School of Darkness” – by Bella Dodd
37:00 – The Remnant Newspaper
40:00 – “Human Action” – by Ludwig von Mises
40:20 – Ernesto Laclau



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