Cultivation of intelligence

Only the cultivation of intelligence for the nuances of language and harmony of forms, above all musical, can lead men beyond and above themselves, opening the dimension of the spirit.

Except for direct divine intervention, which is neither ordinary nor demandable, religious worship only has this capacity because of its aesthetic form, without which a rite is not a rite but a mere “cerimony”, asocial celebration (the endemic disease of contemporary evangelism).

Usual religious practice, in the modern world, has the effect of imprisoning the individual in the circle of habits, prejudices and mental quirks of his immediate social group, a kind of holy worldliness, which rewards him subjectively with the illusion of morality, which nothing but spineless conformism and necessity of social approval.

“Being in hell is to believe, by mistake, to be in heaven”. (Simone Weil)

Olavo de Carvalho

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