Three temptations in the desert

“In Jesus Christ`s three temptations in the desert, what is it that the Devil offer Him?
He offers POSSIBILITIES, which, considered in themselves, abstractly, are perfectly feasible. Jesus does not deny that they are so. Instead, He contrasts them with His real and concrete mission in this world, before which they are all arbitrary whims.

Every temptation is an abstract possibility, split fromthe concrete situation, and magnetic as a hypnotic attraction. Mere abstract reasoning can do nothing against it; more so it is a support for its actualization.

That is why a philosophy “for those who like abstract arguments”, as proposed by Sir Michael Dummet, is a demonic philosophy, even when filled with Christian arguments.

Thoughts are human creations which only hold any value when submitted to Divine creations, that is, reality itself, taken in all the weight of its simultaneous and successive concreteness.

Only the HEAVY thought is true, that which drags with it the gravitas of existence.”
Olavo de Carvalho

Translation: Fabio L. Leite

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