Aesthetic forms

Translation: Fabio L. Leite

“It’s amazing how people do not notice the influence that aesthetic forms imposed by the industry and the media have in shaping their minds. It’s amazing how they accept EVERYTHING with dull spontaneity.

Just like cinema, literature and bodybuilding, guns design achieved aesthetic perfection in the 50s. After that came the era of caricatural exaggeration. The strong man of the 50s looked like a strong man. Today a bodybuilder looks more like a skinned animal.

Accelerated changes, in technology and everything else, produce a mental state called “informational psychosis”, whose main symptom is the abolition of discernment, the passive acceptance of any order or suggestion.

The total lack of personality, the docile and ductil adaptability is the fundamental characteristic of the good citizen today. When he rebels against a small thing, it is because he has already accepted ninety-nine others without even noticing.

I accept NOTHING from modern society before understanding very well the sacrifices that it is demanding to my sense of identity and judging if they will be harmful or not.”

Olavo de Carvalho


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