Scientific community

Translation    Fabio L. Leite · Brookline, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos · 

If you meet a person who gives orders to the storm and it obeys, tell fish to fall into nets and they do, orders diseases to disappear and they vanish, tells a dead man to come back to life and he does, is it more reasonable to believe this person or a community of professionals who are all the time competing for colossal budgets, fighting for prestige and disavowing each other?

Only a nitwit thinks that the scientific community is more worthy of trust than Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Olavo de Carvalho


Sources of knowledge

Translation    Fabio L. Leite · Brookline, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos ·

There are only two sources of knowledge: intuition and witness.

Intuition is not “apprehension by the subsconscious”, “perception of the inner side of things”, “feeling of identification”, nor any similar babbling. It is the immediate perception of a presence.

A reasoning or logical demonstration is nothing but a chain of intuitive perceptions of identity or difference between propositions (present to the conscience)

Everything that is not intuitive knowledge is trust in witness. There is no third way of knowing. This IS NOT different in religion or science.