The mixture of Christianity with mundane morality starts by making adultery a crime and ends proclaiming that the condemnation of pedophily is lack of charity. That led to this.

Everytime they make a law inspired in “Christian values”, they degrade those values to mere social prejudices. The best is really to leave to Ceasar the care of government and to God the care of our souls.

I’d rather be in a tyranny that allows me to practice my religion than in a democracy that would send me to jail for that.

Preot Christopher Moody I disagree. The natural law is necessary for society. To state do not commit adultery is mundane is ill informed. Pagans were inspired to recognize it. We must acknowledge natural law, and the supernatural, which in distinction to natural law, cannot be enforced. We can and should implement natural law. We must or else society collapses. I hope he rethink this. This is disturbing
Olavo de Carvalho This is rather stupid. All mundane morality codes describe themselves as “natural law”. Which one should be enforced?
Preot Christopher Moody Every govt must uphold the common good and natural law. Thus pedophilia is a crime against nature and has nothing to do with a particular religion. Nature teaches it. This was the common view of all Roman law, as well. Unfortunately because of the view he is advocating, people think no restrictions on behavior can be imposed by the govt to protect the common good.
Fabio L. Leite I don’t think that is what he is getting at. His point is that the “laws” of Christianity are meant to make saints, not to create social order.

Trying to make Christian values, meant to create saints, “normal” laws, which are supposed to guarantee social order only, fails to create saints (because laws cannot make that happen) and to create social order (because they are not meant to that).

And his final point is that an oppressive social order that still allows people to live the “laws” of kingdom is better than a democracy that persecutes it.

Olavo de Carvalho Nature DOES NOT teach it. Many societies accepted pedophila as natural. And I did not say no restrictions should be imposed by any government, I just said they are just mundane conveniences.

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