Morality is but a set of prohibitions that seek to make coexistence among humans possible and profitable. All societies have it. The most barbaric and inhuman societies have it. Ours is a little more refined than theirs, but not less mundane and opportunistic.

Christianity is a set of rules to make you the “new man” desired by God. This has little or nothing to do with morality. Nobody has ever gone to heaven for following rules of morality, because they were all made to regulate the life of the “old man”, precisely the “paleos anthropos” that Christianity wants you to stop being.

When the teachings of Christianity are fused with social morality and start being imposed by its usual means, they are downgraded to the coarsest mundanism and you become just a “paleo anthropos” who took a shower.

Apart from its social-economic utility, morality can only make you a gossiper.

Transation: Fabio L. Leite


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