Three castes

“There will always be people from the three castes (Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas)* spread amidst the “social classes”, even in those societies that tried their best to identify one to the other, like traditional India or Europe in the Middle Ages.

The brahmin`s aim in life is to represent divine and cosmic laws, to the best of his understanding. The kshatryia`s is to obtain power and glory. The vayshia`s is pragmatic efficiency.

For a brahmin, being killed by the enemy is a mere detail that changes nothing in the order of things. For the kshatryia it is an honor and a moral victory. For the bourgeois it is an intolerable loss.

Castes are types of personalities and, in general, have NOTHING to do with the (economical)”social class” where the person was born.
“Class struggle” is just a bourgeois myth that hides the war among the castes. To exchange the concept of castes for that economically defined classes is an imbecility that could only blossom in the head of a bourgeois.

The three castes will never be abolished. The more we deny their existence, the more powerful they become. All countries are ruled by the caste system. If the laws do not acknowledge the castes, the better for them. Not by coincidence, the three globalist schemes are led by the three commanding classes: the Russian-Chinese alliance by the military caste, the West by the financial elite, and the Islamic by the priestly caste. The “power of the proletariat” (shudras) is something that does not exist and never will. In the URSS and in China it was just camouflage for the military power.

In the US there is a super-abundance of books about the global financial elite, but almost always it is studied as if it were the only incarnation of power possible, without relations or connections with the two other schemes. The bourgeois, the vaishya, will never understand the two other leading castes. He always tries to explain them as if they were guided by his own motivations. That is how the Soviet Empire and the Islamic Block have always managed to deceive the West.

The bourgeois cannot conceive long term plans for the simple reason that you cannot be rich after being dead. The plans of global domination by the financial elite, which work in a extremely long term, were not conceived by bankers, but by INTELLECTUALS – the priestly caste.”

Olavo de Carvalho

* (Translator`s Note: There is also a fourth caste, that of Shudras, the servants, whose meaning in life is to go on living a life as good as possible and is mainly concerned with survival. There is no strong inner sense of higher order in themselves and that is why they follow this higher order indirectly from the order established in society by the leading castes. As long as what they are told to do and to be helps them to go on with their lives, they are happy with it. Olavo mentions the shudra, roughly the “proletariat”, further ahead in this same text).

Traslation  Fabio L. Leite


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