The source of the greatest crimes

The source of the greatest crimes and atrocities is not greed, is not envy, is not power, not even the bad instincts: it is the childish longing for a radical transfiguration of earthly reality, when, with the snap of a finger, “everything will be more beautiful”, as Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Communist, used to say.

The longing for universal beauty and happiness, when not accompanied by charity toward real bone and flesh human beings, producse in its bearers a magical moral authority that immunizes them against the consequences of their most barbaric and hedious acts. In this world, everybody ends up paying for their crimes, except the communists. Everybody is afraid of punishing them for fear of destroying, along with their image, the cheap mirage of universal happiness.

True human goodness consists in loving the neighbor in a world that is evil and sad and that is why he needs our help and consolation. A “world more beautiful” is a demonic fake that abolishes charity in the name of a future kingdom of universal love.

Only those who know that the world will never be more beautiful, that the only beauty that exists on this planet is charity amongst ungliness, only those are able to fight communism.

Translation Fabio L. Leite


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